Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hoosegow - Running with Bulls Wine Degustation

There's nothing quite like roses to charm the ladies and last week Hoosegow was set to charm us all at a preview of their Running with Bulls wine degustation dinner. Located on Magill Road, this Latin American inspired fusion restaurant marries with Eastern and Asian flavours perfectly using the most basic yet fragrant form of cooking - charcoal grill.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Product Talk: EasiYo Yoghurt Maker

Disclaimer: This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and EasiYo

I spotted this product some time ago and wondered what it would be like, whether it truly makes smooth yoghurt that tastes good. The process sounded too easy to be true but here laid my opportunity to try EasiYo's redesigned yoghurt maker. Available in many countries across the world, this product originated from New Zealand and was launched in Australia 20 years ago. Recently they redesigned the yoghurt maker making it sleeker with a stylish retro red finish but it doesn't stop at aesthetics

Friday, July 24, 2015

Beer Blurb: Sail & Anchor Larks Foot Golden Ale

Sail & Anchor's Lark's Foot is a very nice golden ale or (American Amber ale) from Fremantle, WA with some nice caramel and citrus flavours. It had a refreshing crispness to it while still keeping good flavour and body. I think this would be good for that in-between time when you can’t decide if you want an amber ale or a pilsner. The ale has a moderate carbonation with sweet aroma of malts. This one makes it to my list of beers I would love to have again. If you see it hopping around kick back and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Moseley @ Glenelg

It was my first visit to The Moseley Bar & Kitchen and boy has it come a long way from The Dublin. From a place so dark and dim to a whole open bright space I would say it was literally night and day. I was just admiring the floor to ceiling windows at the front before stepping in see a chill out area with hanging egg chairs. What a lovely space. Copper and stainless steel track lighting modernized and brightened up the space immensely along with light wood floating floorboards and a lighter earthy colour scheme. Next was the beautiful handcrafted marble bar with copper pendant lights hanging over it. Very classy, very chic.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Juniper and Pine does Dinner

It was a cold Friday evening when we found ourselves back at Juniper and Pine on Brighton Road, this time it was for dinner. Not so long ago we spotted this newly opened cafe and enjoyed their brunch offerings. We've since been back a couple of times as we frequent that road in our travels. The lovely owner spotted us returning and kindly invited us to try their dinner menu on the house. Why, thank you! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Beer Blurb: Castello Amabile

I had this Castello Amabile a while back in summer at the pop up bar/club Surrender on the riverbank. This Italian pale lager is a good beer to cut through the blistering heat on a 40 degree day. The carbonation levels are medium with the colour being pale yellow. Aroma is quite malty, sweet and corny with a crispy body. It really hit the spot when I was drinking it so I would say you could throw back a few of these and have a nice afternoon! The reason why I liked it more than others is perhaps the lower level of bitterness in a lighter beer which for me, works well. If its past the 35 degree mark reach for one of these!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Quick Hummus Recipe with Simply 7 Snacks

It's been a very wet and cold few days, seemingly gloomy but the weather has never bothered me. We've holidayed in near snow storms, torrential rain and scorching dry heat yet try to make the most fun of it, sure would be a holiday to remember right? Being at home on such a weather meant one of two things for us, getting the brazier blazing and BBQ dinner or having a mid afternoon movie session. We chose the latter. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Beer Blurb: Budweiser

Budweiser (4.9%) is a pale lager and one of the popular beers in the USA. My dad has always told me American beer is watered down piss so the first time I tasted this I was apprehensive. The verdict is that it’s not bad at all and I have bought a six pack here and there since then. It is the kind of beer to have with a pizza or burger. It is refreshing and can sure cut through those fatty meals. Very easy to go through these as it is not too invasive with the bitterness and keeps you from getting bloated. A nice session beer to have and is now more common around Australia.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jarmer's Kitchen @ Bowden

Recently we celebrated the retirement of two very dear ex-colleagues, two lovely souls I've worked with for a good many years. I saw it as their time to begin a new chapter, of activities they enjoy, of interests they have wanted to pursue, of extra quality family time with the third generation (and second, but we all know grandchildren hold a special place). Every celebration calls for a good meal and Jarmer's Kitchen was the pick. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Trouble and Strife @ Goodwod

I recently caught up with a friend at this little spot on Goodwood Road that I've been wanting to try ever since it opened earlier this year. A small  cosy cafe, really quite perfect for chilling with a coffee or juice over the newspaper (or magazine, whatever takes your fancy). It was a sunny winters day, thinking we wouldn't get many of those we decided to sit outside. 
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