Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Unley Opens Its Doors!

Most of us remember the large Boho sign all lit up as we drive past on Unley Road. I've only ever set foot inside the old bar and restaurant once remembering it was very red. It was very bohemian and home to a mix of circus, cabaret and burlesque acts. Adelaide has said goodbye to Boho Bar and a huge big HELLO to The Unley.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Easy Mixed Bean and Vegetable Soup

As winter approaches and these cold rainy days take over, an arsenal of hearty recipes come in very handy to keep the family warm and full. My in-laws have moved overseas for a couple of months now, when they left, most of their pantry ended up in my house. Turned up in boxes and boxes of food, I've been trying to condense them ever since (still going). I have no bunker but if you have one in the event of an apocalypse, I will supply the food. In those boxes there was an abundance of baked beans, tin spaghetti, canned beans and chickpeas, dry split peas, tinned tomatoes, curry simmer sauces, coconut cream, many other jars and packets of stuff. At that point I was also very proud of my tetris abilities to squeeze everything else in the freezer. To give you an idea, they had a big chest freezer in the garage, I have a normal two door fridge already filled with my groceries. True accomplishment here! The good thing was, these things kept, I didn't have to worry about fresh foods rotting. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Beer Degustation @ Earl of Leicester

Most people associate The Earl of Leicester with schnitzel. Good large schnitzels with a plethora of topping choices. What many don't know is their beer list is as big as their schnitzels. On this particular night, I was about to sample even more potential additions to the list. I was lucky enough to attend the Beer Degustation Dinner they hosted recently, truly a dream for any bloke - elegant man food paired with beer. The event was graced with the presence of three breweries namely Beavertown Brewery from the UK, Victory Brewing Company from the USA and NomadBrewing Company from NSW. I arrived by Uber and got picked up after, let the night begin!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bubby Noodle Sundays

Sundays are for chilling and for me, I think a bit of exploring. Some weeks back we did just that, out to the quieter city edge, the night before all that rush, haste and a few gray faces start the week all over again. We walked towards Botanic Bar slightly confused, I don't know why I thought a cart would be there, my mind plays tricks on me. Bubby Noodle is at The Botanic Bar, every Sunday night Bubby Noodle comes out to play. A simple Japanese and Korean inspired menu showcasing ramen and a few snacks is displayed at the bar where you place your order. The choice was easy, a hot soup ramen for me and a cold ramen for Mr. Foodie. Ramens come in at $15 a bowl while snacks were $8 or $12. We chose to sit outside as the sun went down. It didn't take long before our food arrived.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Mile End

Rich with 175 years of history, The Mile End celebrates this anniversary with a major revamp of the venue and a brand new menu. Sitting conveniently just a few minutes outside the CBD, The Mile End combines old and new bringing back exposed brick with open fireplaces while adding classy touches of artwork and furniture. What I'm always most excited about however, is the food. Tonight we were invited to sample their new menu. Expect to find modern Australian cuisine, updated classic pub grub, tapas as well as vegetarian offerings.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Burger Foundry @ Torrensville

We build great burgers. So says the motto of Burger Foundry. My very first visit was a long time ago at St Morris, before the change in management and chef. They have since had a face lift followed by a new location on Magill Road and now, the opening of their Torrensville branch. We were fortunate enough to be invited to this new cosy location. The interior was a delight to walk into with contemporary wooden walls, communal tables in the middle and smaller dining tables on the side.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sean's Kitchen @ Adelaide Casino

Finally, finally, finally. I have sat on this post for a while. It has been one of my better dining experiences this year so far. As part of the renewed Adelaide Casino, Chef Sean Connolly brings his talent, experience and passion for food to Sean's Kitchen. The decor is stunning and grand inside with an open kitchen, ample seating both downstairs and upstairs as well as al fresco dining. It was a warm evening and we sat outside but that didn't stop me from wandering in and up as we anticipated a lovely dinner tonight. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Create Your Taste at McDonald's

Alas today is the  day McDonald's makes an appearance on the blog. With more and more gourmet burger joints feeding the popular burger scene, McDonald's puts itself back in competition and in all honesty, as a strong contender. Meet Create Your Taste. Soon to be rolled out in all McDonald's in SA by June, these kiosks will allow you to build your own gourmet burger with both Macca's classic ingredients and gourmet options. Let us tell you about our experience.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Feast on Foot Tour

Image Source: Splash Adelaide

Feast on Foot is a walking food tour that will take you through the streets of Adelaide discovering not only delicious eateries but also street art. The tour runs every Saturday rain or shine starting at 10am sharp outside the old Stag Hotel (on the corner of East Terrace and Rundle Street). From there your host, Caitlin, will guide you on a 3 hour walk to enjoy some tasty food and art. Technically you walk all your calories off right? 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Street Eat in North Adelaide

Ever since the Adelaide Oval was built, crowds are flocking in bigger than ever numbers for games but before that, eateries are filled with people grabbing a bite to eat prior to cheering on their favourite team. With the popularity of street food rising and patrons preferring better quality food, the idea of Street Eat In North Adelaide was born. O'Connell and Melbourne Street houses plenty of restaurants, many of these vendors have decided to take part. Smaller offerings at an affordable price allows patrons to try food from several vendors. I think it's also a great way for the restaurants to show patrons what they're about should you wish you dine there in the future.