Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi guys. On this cold morning I was reminded of the incredible flavour experience at Chocolatree. Most of you probably know of this place but I just have to mention it. Chocolatree is a little cafe on O'Connell Street in North Adelaide that could easily be missed if you're not looking out for it. Once you step inside, the smell of quality coffee and chocolate paired with the temptation of a huge range of award winning Belgian chocolate truffles and desserts on display will have you feeling like you're in heaven. There is a sofa at the front for those who want to catch up with friends in comfort. Kind of reminds me of Central Perk from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. A narrow hallway going past the kitchen leads to an outdoor courtyard area with modern furniture in a relaxed setting. There is heating so no need to worry about freezing in winter. On this occasion we tried the Some like it hot in dark chocolate, Butterscotch hot chocolate in white chocolate, German apple cheesecake, Mudslide and Belgian waffle.

What's left at 9pm at night
German apple cheesecake
The German apple cheesecake was essentially a cheesecake base with cinnamon apple topping and fresh cream served with a beautiful, smooth, rich belgian chocolate dipping sauce. The cheesecake had good texture and wasn't too rich. I'm personally not a huge fan of cream so I pushed mine aside. The chocolate sauce was divine!

Belgian waffle
The Mudslide is a delicious mud muffin topped with a generous scoop of ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce served on cream. Because the ice cream was so cold the chocolate hardened giving a bit of crunch and texture to the dessert. 

Belgian waffles are one of Carl's all time favourites and Chocolatree did not fail to disappoint! I had to get this picture off Carl's phone and unfortunately it didn't turn out how I had hoped.

Some like it hot in dark chocolate is basically a chilli hot chocolate, my favourite. The thing I liked about their hot chocolate is that it has beautiful flavour and isn't too rich. I'm not a huge fan of drinking melted chocolate shots so it was nice to get a drink that I could actually finish. On a different occasion we also tried their Berry hot chocolate. We were impressed. Cold chocolate drinks, frappes, coffees and tea are also available. 

For those of you who prefer savoury over sweet, not to worry. Chocolatree also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is, after all a cafe. I have yet to try their savoury food but have seen many good reviews about it. All in all it's a great little cafe in a prime location with quality to match. Do pay a visit some time.

Chocolatree - 25 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide
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