Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Little Leaf and Bean

On a find Sunday morning we decided to grab brunch at a little local café tucked away in Blackwood. They had recently changed owners and I was intrigued. Being winter, we chose to sit inside the country-style, cosy cafe. It was rather busy and with the place being small, there was not a lot of room to move around.

Their breakfast and savoury menu was understandably limited as they don't really have a kitchen. There were also little treats, muffins and biscuits on offer. We ordered 'Pancakes with banana, bacon and maple syrup' and 'Brekkie sandwich' for food and I had a Mango smoothie. 

The Brekkie sandwich was an open sandwich of grilled sourdough bread with bacon and a cheese, tomato and herb omelette. It was satisfying but nothing to rave on about. We were looking forward to the pancakes only to be told that there is no banana so it'll just have to be bacon and maple syrup which was fine but it would have been nice to be offered a replacement like an extra rasher of bacon or perhaps strawberry instead. None of that. Full price, no replacement. When it came, I was very surprised at the look of the pancake at first because I've never seen such a "blotchy" pancake. I remember uttering the words "That looks like Malaysian roti!" 

Lo and behold, we took our first bite and it WAS roti! And a heated frozen one of those! I was very disappointed and dissatisfied because it was clearly false advertising. You DO NOT put pancakes on the menu and serve ROTI. Furthermore, the portion of bacon was laughable. Needless to say it was not satisfying. 

Roti and bacon with maple syrup, not pancakes!
My Mango smoothie was okay. I had on a separate occasion been there for a cuppa and that was nice. They are one of the few who serve tea in teapots and fine china tea cups. 

I would go there for a pot of tea and perhaps a biscuit but probably not for a meal, certainly not for 'Pancakes'.

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