Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meiji Japanese Cafe - Melbourne

Good evening! Continuing with my food trek in Melbourne, we visited Meiji Japanese Cafe. Situated on Little Bourke Street in the heart of the city centre, this Japanese cafe offers affordable meals. They can get quite busy despite having two levels so service may not always be attentive and quick. Carl has been raving on about this place and a particular dish he had three times on his visit to Melbourne a few years ago. Oh, and his Avocado Calpis drink which was indeed quite nice.

Mr. Stylo excited to have one of his favourite dishes

So it was time to order. Carl went straight for his Avocado Calpis and Tori with rice while I scanned through the menu twice. Variety is definitely there as they serve a small variety of Korean meals, sushi/sashimi, a selection of ramen, sizzling/tepanyaki plates, donburi and bento boxes. They had some interesting drinks to offer too. 

When the dishes arrived, I thought the presentation was quite good. The metal rice bowls came in a wooden stand so you wouldn't burn yourself trying to hold the bowl still when you're stirring your rice. Turns out Carl's favourite dish was fried chicken on rice with a teriyaki style sauce. This particular one had a quail egg and I swear that's what sold it to him. That ONE quail egg! The sauce was interesting. It was as if they have mixed teriyaki and kim chi sauce together. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

I decided to order Pork belly, egg and vegetables on rice. The pork belly was delicious but rather Chinese style. I loved the egg as I'm a sucker for hard boiled eggs cooked in soy or tea! There was also shredded egg and Asian vegetables with bamboo shoots. Overall it was a nice dish to eat although I'm not sure how Japanese it is. 

It is an affordable joint and they open for lunch and dinner so I would most likely visit again, maybe to try their Ramen next time! Now, what's next? The food trail continues.

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