Friday, August 12, 2011

Monga Sweet Cafe - Melbourne

After Aka Tombo we decided to head to a dessert place for the rest of the evening. They brought me to a place called Monga Sweet Café, a Hong Kong style dessert café. We had to go up the stairs as it was on the second level. The place was packed but we were lucky enough to secure the sofa section right next to the windows so we could look onto the city lights. There are two "sofa sections" next to each other and we grabbed them both! It's a rather comfortable place to hang out and chat. They open till very late and you could sit there for hours and they wouldn't kick you out. We were there for a good 3 hours plus I think.

Conquered the sofas!! There were another two where I was taking the picture from
They serve a combination of sweet and savoury Hong Kong style snacks along with some unique non-alcoholic drinks. There's also plain old tea and coffee for those who prefer. We tried a variety of desserts but the only ones I feel are worth mentioning are the waffles. Their soup desserts such as Black glutinous rice and sago soup, beancurd sheet with gingko and quail egg broiled soup etc. lacked flavour and tasted like a watered down version.

We ordered all variety of waffles, Waffle with Black Sesame Ice Cream and Sauce, Waffle with Red Bean Paste and Green Tea Ice Cream, Hong Kong Style Original Waffle (with peanut butter and condensed milk).  The waffles were delicious and just right. Both the black sesame and green tea ice cream were good and the Original Waffle with peanut butter and condensed milk was an awesome old time favourite! 

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