Friday, September 2, 2011

Montagna's Cafe Blackwood

Time for another visit to a local restaurant. This time we hit Montagna's Cafe in Blackwood which used to be Rimini's. First impression we thought the place was clean and nice. Food was a bit pricey in general for this type of cafe but we shall see what it tastes like.

I went for Spaghetti Marinara. The seafood was fresh and plentiful with mussels, prawns, morton bay bugs and squid. Probably why they charge more for it. The only downside was the marinara sauce had a funny taste to it. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I think they may have splashed way too much white wine on which ruined the taste.

Carl had the good old Seafood Basket with crumbed prawns and scallops, squid and fish served with chips and salad. A pretty good feed.

Time for dessert! The Pear tart was quite nice. However, it was very dense and sweet so we quickly filled up. Not a bad dessert.

Brandy snap basket was slightly disappointing. Although there was lots of fruit I would have liked a bigger biscuit basket!

Overall it's a nice local place but we have been a few times now and the quality of food can be inconsistent. Also, service is sometimes great but other times, it's like the staff are having a social party and not always dressed appropriately. Non-staff has also been seen behind the bar/kitchen entrance loitering and it's quite unprofessional and off-putting.

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