Friday, October 21, 2011

Belair Hotel

This is not the first time I've been to Belair Hotel. In fact I've been a few times and unfortunately I must say the restaurant isn't great. It's rather expensive for what it is and the dishes so far haven't given me a sense of satisfaction. From watery curries to extremely fishy risotto, I haven't exactly had the desire to return. 

One night we chose this place out of mere convenience to meet up with someone before we catch a movie at Mitcham so being on a time constraint, we decided to sit at the front bar and ordered from the bar menu. I must admit the front bar menu looks better, though still pricy for a bar/pub being that you don't actually get to sit in the nice restaurant. Having said that we found a gem on the menu. Belair Dog - jumbo chorizo hot dog with bacon, onion, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard served with house made slaw and fries for $12.

It was delicious and satisfying. I loved the coleslaw too! I think next time we'll be eating at the front bar instead. 

Belair Hotel
141 Main Road
Blackwood, 5051
08-8278 8777

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  1. Those food look delicious. I think I will no longer eat at McDonald after tasting something like these.


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