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Hello everyone! Sorry for the sparse posts as my 2 week madness has now extended another 2 weeks and possibly beyond. Nearly re-doing the whole front yard is not as fun as putting my designs on paper. I can see a lot of sinful, disgraceful McDonald's runs coming up. 

Anyway, it was the man's birthday last month and I decided to take him to Lenzerheide. Believe it or not, we have both never been there despite the hype around it and it's amazing food so what better time to go! It was a surprise so when I pulled into the car park he was gob-smacked and extremely excited. Located on 146 Belair Road, Hawthorn (very near my work yay!), Lenzerheide restaurant is actually a restored old historical house so the decor was not expected to be ultra modern. Having said that, the chairs were extremely comfortable and was the first thing I noticed when I sat down. Walking into the dining area I noticed a long wine rack with an extensive  selection of wine. Unfortunately I don't drink so I can't comment. I absolutely loved the indoor garden and thought it was a great feature. 

We started off with the Duck Salad and Shellfish Ragout. The Duck Salad was a warm salad of duck breast on julienne vegetables and radicchio with crispy duck spring roll and a sticky orange and star anise balsamic reduction. The salad and balsamic reduction was nice but the duck breast slices were in my opinion a bit dry and tasteless. The spring roll was crispy and fresh to bite into but needed a touch more seasoning.

Shellfish ragout - prawns, lobster tail and scallops cooked in a creamy tomato sauce served with puff pastry. The seafood was fresh and cooked just right. The sauce was beautiful and the puff pastry was perfect for that crispy texture.

After our delicious entrees we were starting to get excited for the main. We did go on a weekday and the restaurant was half full if even that but it took a little while for the food to come in between courses. We were having a good chat anyway so it didn't really matter but it was enough to be noticed. Carl just had to go for the Venison medallions pan-fried and served with button, Shiitake and Enoki mushrooms finished with a sweet soy and cabernet glaze. My god it was PERFECT! One of the best mains we've had all year. We both love the rich flavour of game meat and this venison was cooked to perfection. The mushrooms and accompanying sauce was beautiful and the whole dish just tied in so well together. All their mains come with a vegetable bundle which was tied with a long bean. It thought it was quite cute. Of course we HAD to go for the Potato Rosti as highly recommended by my colleague. All I can say is that it was a good recommendation.

I went for Steak Olympus - Eye fillet of beef with large Gulf prawns and sauced with honey, soy and cabernet glaze. The beef was like eating butter. It was so beautifully tender I thought it was never possible. They made a pocket in the eye fillet and stuffed a piece of what I believe was grilled lobster meat. That was delicious and fresh and definitely a nice surprise. Forgive the steaks looking so dark as I didn't really want to get the camera flash going in there. 

After a very satisfying main, we are even more excited for dessert. I let slip that it was Carl's birthday and they kindly lit a candle for him on his Profiteroles. The profiteroles were filled with a chocolate liqueur cream, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce and served with vanilla bean ice-cream. 

 I was indeed very nice and like a little kid he seemed very impressed with the candle. I went for the Citrus Plate which was a plate of three different items. Lime and Passionfruit Souffle, Lemon Curd Ice-cream and Blood orange tartlet. The menu said to allow 30 minutes but it didn't actually take that long. Either way it would have been completely worth the wait. The souffle was so soft and fluffy with intense flavour. While I loved all three items on the plate, I have to say the Blood orange tartlet was my favourite. It was beautiful and maybe it was the fairy floss that pushed it to number 1 spot. 

My Hibiscus and Lavender tea
All in all it was a fantastic culinary experience and I wish I could have taken better pictures to share with you guys and to do it justice but I didn't want to disturb other diners with constant flashes of light. This may be the first time we visit Lenzerheide but it certainly won't be the last!

146 Belair Road,
Hawthorn SA 5062
08-8373 3711

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