Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ajisen Ramen visit 2

Hello hello. In the past 2 weeks we decided to dine at Ajisen Ramen once again, this time ordering a couple of other different things. The ramen was delicious as usual but the variants are just different toppings anyway. It's the same soup base. 

This time there were more of us so we ordered a few appetizers. Combination kushiyaki - beef, shiitake mushroom and chicken on skewers in yakitori sauce. It tasted okay and probably not worth the $8.50.

Enoki beef roll - Enoki mushrooms rolled in a slice of beef. It was okay but nothing fantastic. It kinda feels like there's too much enoki mushroom in each bunch so you get a bit of the sauce on the outside and it's bland on the inside.

This time Carl went for Curry Beef Ramen - Ramen served with beef egg and vegetables in a curry based soup. It was Japanese curry so it's really not spicy but it was given 2 chillies on the menu nonetheless. Thinking it was going to be slightly spicy, we asked for their "Super Spicy" Volcano sauce. I don't think it could even be a hot spring sauce but I know, spiciness is subjective. The Volcano sauce was nice but not really spicy. 

Curry beef ramen

Volcano sauce
I just went for Chasyu Ramen this time which is like the ordinary ramen but with extra pork slices, also served with egg and vegetables. I think they forgot to put vegetables in mine because I don't classify spring onions as vegetables. 

It's still a nice cheaper eat if you don't splurge on appetizers or sides. I'll come back when I have the urge for noodles again!

Ajisen Ramen
23 Leigh St
Adelaide, 5000
08-8410 2088

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  1. Oh man.. that volcano sauce has me salivating!!

    Btw, a few Adelaide foodies are trying to organise a get together, would you be able to email me (via my blog - about page) and I can then pass on the details to see if you're interested?



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