Monday, November 14, 2011

Fancy burger Blackwood

It's been a while since I visited Fancy Burger up at Blackwood. I remember their rosemary chips being amazing and their burgers extra tasty. I love walking into the burger joint! It's so vibrant with splashes of orange giving a completely modern and fun feel. Not to mention the drool-worthy aroma that makes your stomach growl instantly. This time around we opted for Fancy Hotdogs instead. Well let me say, the Fancy Hotdogs are just as fancy as the burgers.

We ordered the Wonder Dog - Butcher's choice sausage, fresh avodaco, cranberry sauce and caramelised onion. It was amazing. It was like a Christmas hot dog! Good sausage and you can never have too much caramelised onions! Sorry I couldn't get a picture of this. Someone was too hungry.....

Lucky dog was another great choice. A very tropical and summery feel, probably because of the pineapple. It had sausage, avocado, crispy bacon, grilled pineapple and herby mayo. I had to pry Mr. Hungry's hands away from the plate so I could take a quick snap!

I had the Smokin' Hot Dog - sausage, smoked chilli mayo, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese. Who on earth invented that smoked chilli mayo?! It is one of THE BEST sauces I've had. 

Of course we had to get a serve of chips. I love that they use rock salt and rosemary with their chips. Gives it an edge over ordinary chip shop chips. If you ask me though, could use a bit more rosemary. 

A fantastic burger joint but be prepared to pay more than McDonald's. You ARE getting quality meat and fresh ingredients. Even the bun tastes so nice I could the bun alone! I like, and I recommend. 

Fancy Burger
237 Main Road
Blackwood, 5051
08-8370 0388

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  1. YUM! Smoked chilli mayo sounds like perfection in a sauce to me!

  2. Mmmm I live ten mins from this place and really should go there more often. delish !


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