Thursday, December 1, 2011

Madame Wu's Noodle Bar

Hello, hello! In our failed attempt to try Aviary Dessert Bar, we were too hungry to wait for the next turn of tables so we ended up at this place instead. Madame Wu's Noodle Bar is also on The Parade in Norwood not too far from Aviary. They open somewhat late but pretty much 10 minutes after we sat down the waiter told us we have to order now as they are closing in half an hour........riiiiight. Why did you let us in?

My "pescatorian" friend ordered the Crispy Garlic Prawns which was actually very crispy and fragrant but lacking a touch of seasoning to me. The prawns were lightly battered and wok-tossed with garlic flakes and sea salt.

Basil and chilli paste beef
One of the specials on the board was Massaman beef curry. The curry wasn't too bad but I think they used a stock standard ready made paste. 

Madame Wu's Noodle Bar
195  The Parade,
Norwood, SA 
08-8431 7188

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