Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ming's Steamboat @ Adelaide

After discovering that Ming's Steam Boat opens till proper late (not a token 10pm), we decided to venture there on a weeknight after my work. This place offers steam boat as well as normal menu dishes. Steamboat, also known as "hot pot" is quite a novel fun experience for those who are new to it. Basically there's a metal pot of stock or soup base in the middle kept simmering with a portable gas or electric stove (don't worry, you can control the heat). The ingredients are served raw and you cook it yourself in the pot. The soup is amazing by the end of it from cooking all those different ingredients. Common dishes include thinly sliced meat (chicken, beef, lamb, pork), chinese cabbage, leafy vegetables, Enoki and button mushrooms, prawns, fish slices, wontons, dumplings, fishballs and meatballs. Fishballs are like meatballs only made out of fish meat. Also, Asian meatballs are not quite like western ones where it's mince meat put together. Asian meatballs are springy and smooth textured. You could put virtually anything in. I personally love quail eggs and tofu! 

However, on this night with just the two of us, we decided to just order some dishes instead. We noticed a few drinks that sounded refreshing and right now I just can't remember what this was. It's the one with honey......Sorry!!!

Mr. Salt and Pepper had to go for something salt and pepper again and so we went for the Fisherman's basket which was a combination of seafood including fish, prawns and squid. I actually liked it. It was well seasoned and crispy.

The spicy pork ribs were delicious and tender. Maybe a bit pricier than other restaurants nearby for what it was. 

I haven't had Singapore noodles in a while, hence the order. Just to clear things up, Singapore noodles did not originate from Singapore. I believe it originated from Hong Kong with the difference being Singapore noodles have curry powder in it. It's a dish of fried rice vermicelli noodles with bean sprouts, vegetables and thinly sliced meats such as prawn, BBQ pork (char siu), pork or chicken. Needed a tad bit more seasoning but otherwise a nice dish.

Next time I'm coming back with an entourage so that we can have a big steamboat dinner! Steamboat is all about sharing and caring. You share a meal that goes on forever while you share your stories.

Ming's Steam Boat
301-303 Morphett Street
Adelaide, SA 5000
08-8410 0188

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