Monday, February 6, 2012

Nanyang Cafe @ Renaissance Arcade Adelaide

Once again I couldn't help my craving for some home food and ended up at Nanyang Cafe in Renaissance Arcade Rundle Mall. It's a nice little hidden gem. They only open for lunch except for Friday where they close at 8pm. This place serves up some pretty authentic Malaysian hawker style food, predominantly Chinese/Penang Hawker style food (street food). I had a hankering for "kan lao" wanton noodles (dry mixed with soy based sauce) so I ordered Combination BBQ (BBQ pork and crispy roast pork) with dry mixed egg noodles. It even came with the pickled green chilli! It was delicious and I was very impressed. For those of you who are wondering, dry wanton noodles in Malaysia look like this minus that much meat and plus maybe 3 small wantons.

Carl went for the 'pick and mix' rice with two dishes - Beef rendang and sambal chicken. It was quite tasty and very satisfying. I know it doesn't look great in the photo but there's no other way to have it than to spoon a ladle of gravy all over the rice.

I'm glad we finally got to try this place. I think it's better than Penang Hawker and will definitely be coming back here if I get a chance to be in the city on a weekday. Can't wait to try their Char kuey teow as recommended by a few people I know. It's a fast and cheap eat, they have the drinks to match as well with all the teh ais, teh tarik, milo ais, cham (milk coffee + tea), limau ais etc.

Nanyang Cafe
Renaissance Arcade
Rundle Mall
Adelaide 5000

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  1. [Worst meal EVER]

    We went today to Nangyang around 7:30pm (they close on Fridays at 8pm). They wouldn't tell us that they had run out of duck and instead they gave us a bowl half with noodles, half with duck SKIN! Not even a single chunk of duck, ONLY DUCK SKIN EVERYWHERE.

    When we complained to the waiter, he only said "bad luck, you should have come earlier".

    We're never coming back to this place, for sure.

    1. omg that's pretty bad!! I can't believe the waiter said that! Gee

  2. Come on, they are just working there. They don't decide everything. I have lunch there very often and have always been treated well.


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