Monday, June 18, 2012

Crust Pizza Bar Norwood

One fine night after the movies at Hoyts we were walking down The Parade and came across this attractive pizza bar. I had heard of these guys before, heard great things. In we walked into Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar. What I loved about this place was the gourmet, fresh ingredients of   better quality. The menu was miles apart from your average takeaway pizza joint boasting the likes of wagyu beef and prosciutto. They had a wide range of meat, seafood and chicken pizzas with more gourmet combinations. Salad and vegetarian pizzas are also available and if you're on a diet, don't fret because they have healthy options with half the calories and still as yummy. A couple of examples are Chicken and Avocado and Bruschetta Pizza.

I decided to order the Philly Steak - Wagyu beef, roasted and fresh capsicum, caramelised onions and mushrooms on a tomato base garnished with Dijon mustard and wild rocket.

Tell me now, if that isn't gourmet, what is. The beef was beautiful and tender with wonderful flavour to it and though the other ingredients sound quite prominent in itself they were in the right amounts just perfect enough to build onto the hero being the beef. It was a wonderful pizza, lovely crust, lovely balance of flavours and generous toppings.

Philly Steak $21.00 for large

What also caught our eye was their dessert calzones. It sounded absolutely delicious and tempting, a girl never says no to dessert so of course we ordered it.

Rocky Road - Calzone filled with mud cake, dark and white chocolate, marshmallows and cherries. This is hands down the best dessert calzone I have ever tasted so far. It was bursting with gooey, chocolatey, sugary goodness. Dessert pizzas usually taste odd to me but this one was pretty divine. It's pretty filling so one Calzone can easily feed two. I was so far up in heaven I forgot to take a picture of the inside. I've attached a photo from their website so you can dream.

Rocky Road Calzone $9.50
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It was a lovely experience and I'm glad we walked that far down The Parade. While they are pricier than your average pizza bar, the ingredients are certainly restaurant style so it's worth it for that nice treat once in a while or if you want to throw a lavish party. They have several branches across Adelaide. See website for full menu and store locations.

Brighton, Norwood, Torrensville, Unley

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