Monday, July 30, 2012

General Havelock Hotel @ Hutt Street

I get the impression that General Havelock is a hidden gem that deserves more praise and patronage. We've long been coming to this cosy and modern refurbished pub for dinners be it midweek or weekends and have never been disappointed. The first time was in place of Cooper's Alehouse because for some reason I cannot remember we couldn't dine there so we were ecstatic to find that General Havelock can certainly fulfill our schnitzel craving. This place offers a diverse menu of Modern Australian cuisine and good pub grub. We've gone back in groups and ordered their King Beef Schnitzel with Havey Schnitty Topping to devour on diet cheat days.

The ambience is very cosy and comfortable with a few fireplaces to keep you warm. On the back wall you can see logs stacked up neatly to giving that snow cabin feel, it is very warming on a winter's night. Definitely one of those places I could see myself hanging out with friends long after dinner is done.

Speaking of schnitzels, I don't think there's ever been a single visit where no one ordered schnitzel at all. Here's the delicious Chicken Schnitzel with Havey Schnitty Topping of bacon, mushroom, BBQ sauce and cheese. The schnitzel is always cooked just right here, chicken tender and juicy with a crispy crust, well seasoned and the mother of all toppings is a satisfaction guaranteed. Who doesn't like bacon, BBQ sauce and  cheese?

Other toppings available are Swiss Brown Mushroom Ragu, Parmigiana and Dirty Gringo (Mexican style with corn chips, salsa, guacamole, cheese, jalapeno and sour cream).

Havey Schnitty Chicken Schnitzel $20.40

I had a hankering for something salty so I decided to try their Salt and Pepper Squid served with chips and salad. The squid was well seasoned and crispy without being greasy. It was enjoyable to eat and anything served with aioli always gets extra points with me!

Salt and Pepper Squid $17.90
We managed to reserve room for dessert because the specials menu looked pretty tempting so naturally we had to order something off it. 

Apple and rhubarb crumble - Beautifully done with a good balance of sweet and tangy served with vanilla ice cream. It tasted fresh and "homemade". Mr. Foodie loves crumbles so needless to say it was demolished.

Being a girl I went for the Chocolate tasting plate except I wouldn't call this massive dessert a tasting plate. It consisted of choc peppermint slice, chocolate brownie and chocolate mousse. The mousse was nice and fluffy, the brownie was nice but a little bit dry for my liking. I love gooey brownies more. The peppermint chocolate slice was very interesting, I just could not swallow it. It tasted like a cross between toothpaste and air freshener. I'm not sure what is used or whether the peppermint flavouring is too strong but it was very weird to eat.

General Havelock is a lovely place to meet, catch up and relax by the fire with a good feed. Other items on the menu include burgers, burritos, nachos, fish and chips, salads, pie, kangaroo fillet and much more. They also open for breakfast on Saturday and Sundays. You can choose to dine inside, out in the Alfresco dining area or upstairs on their balcony. See you again very soon!

General Havelock Hotel
162 Hutt St
Adelaide SA 5000

08 8223 3680

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  1. It has been a loooong time since I have been to the "Havey", definitely not since it has been all done up like that. I will have to make a trip back there, especially for those schnitzels! Always on the search for a great schnitty!

    1. I only discovered it after the refurb and have loved going back since. I always love a good schnitty too! :D


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