Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Torrens Arms Hotel @ Torrens Park

Despite being so near to Torrens Arms Hotel all the time, I've never gone there to dine and definitely not since it had been refurbished. On account of a colleague and the fact that we happened to have 2 tickets to watch Snow White and the Huntsman, we decided to dine there before going to Wallis. Torrens Arms Hotel has certainly had a posh face lift. Very posh. There's the front bar and a few cocktail tables for those who are here just for a drink, then there's the dining tables and going up the steps is a "private" area with a fireplace set for chilling out with cocktails but you can certainly have your meals there too. Outside there's a lovely beer garden perfect for those Friday night drinks with mates.

They had a decent list of cocktails available at the price of $15 each or $20 for two so of course we went for two!

Blue Hawaii - Rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix 

And my favourite refreshing drink, Mojito - White rum, sugar, mint leaves, lime, soda and ice
The Mojito was quite strong and didn't seem to have enough sugar to balance it.

We decided to go to mains as we were strapped for time with the movie starting. Mr. Foodie spotted Salt and Pepper Chicken Tenderloins. Now, Mr. Foodie likes anything salt and pepper so he didn't even have to think twice. The chicken tenderloins were crispy, tender and still juicy, coated with their salt and pepper mix, deep fried and served with chips and aioli. They're not quite small strips though, it's like eating the chicken from the fillets box at KFC.

Salt and pepper chicken - $19

I almost never order pizza but tonight I thought I'd do something different because it just sounded so good. 

Gourmet lamb pizza - tender pieces of lamb, spinach, caramelized onion and tzatziki.

The pizza base was thin and crispy, just how I like it but a little bit greasy, not sure why. The flavours were amazing and caramelized onion always hits the spot especially when paired with delicious, tender meat. It got a bit sloppy with the tzatziki but who cares!

Gourmet lamb pizza - $18.50

The good old TA has certainly had a face lift (and inevitably a price lift as well). Can't wait to go back in summer and hang out in the beer garden.

Torrens Arms Hotel
93-95 Belair Road
Torrens Park SA 5062
08 8272 9255

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  1. Good food and good drinks. The place is looking ideal for a catered wedding reception. I recommend their pasta dishes for anyone who is reading this.

  2. Mojito is also my favorite drink! And for me pizza and grilled foods are the best foods to eat when having a mojito drink. I do remember when we threw a party in our garden, set with all the outdoor lights, patio tables and chairs; the best party ever!

  3. I also want to go back and hang out to our own beer garden with my friends! These foods and drinks remind me so much of those times, I will definitely prepare for our next hang out, by that time, I already bought my charcoal grills so that we could try other recipes!

  4. The Blue Hawaii is interesting, killing me to go have one with the mixer. That would be nice, completing my night!

  5. Blue Rum is new to me, I would like to know the mix of that drink so I could try it also. With regard, to food all I can say it's mouth watering I wish I could taste them also.

  6. I like the interior decoration and color combinations they used in hotel dinning area. They presented every food item very beautifully which shows the intelligence and creative mind of their chefs. I am definitely go that place for dinner especially with my wife.


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