Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Duthy Thai @ Malvern

We've been hanging on to this Spreets voucher for a while and decided to finally use it before it expires. The voucher was for Duthy Thai in Malvern. Duthy Thai has been open in Adelaide for more than 20 years serving a variety of aromatic, fresh Thai food. We went on a weekday night so it was very quiet. We nearly couldn't find the place as it wasn't well lit up and it looked closed. Nonetheless we parked up and eventually made our way to the front door.

Stepping inside it was certainly very dim. They had closed off the other part of the restaurant understandably to save electricity as it was really a week night and there weren't many patrons. We were starving and couldn't wait to have some nice hot food. We started off with Prawn Crackers with Satay Dipping Sauce. The Satay Dipping Sauce was actually pretty good considering I'm really spoilt and fussy with satay sauces. It was quite sweet for a satay sauce but still enjoyable.

Tom Yum Talay - Hot and sour prawn and squid soup flavoured with lemon grass, coriander and lime leaves. This hot and spicy number definitely awakened our taste buds with a nice tangy taste. I would have liked it more spicy but that level wouldn't be appropriate for a restaurant catering for everyone else.

Coming from Malaysia I always love satay so we decided to order Satay Chicken Skewers. It came with the satay sauce that was also served with the prawn crackers. While creamy and peanuty a little too sweet. The chicken skewers were juicy, tender and well marinated. We also ordered Thai Fish Cakes served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. They were fresh and fragrant with a nice springy bite to it. It was quite a delight to eat.

We couldn't go to a Thai restaurant without ordering Pad Thai so that definitely made the cut. Pad Thai is a dish of rice noodles with prawns, chicken, bean sprouts, egg, chilli and crushed peanuts. Served with fresh coriander it was very fragrant and rather delicious. I love a good squeeze of lime juice and fresh chopped chillis on mine for that extra kick. We actually did ask for the Pad Thai  to be extra spicy and they are certainly more than happy to accommodate.

Beef Masaman Curry - beef cooked in masaman curry paste, potatoes, whole peanuts and coconut milk. This dish was very rich and creamy and beautiful. It's not a spicy curry but certainly fragrant and tasty. The beef cubes were tender and flavoursome and it certainly satisfied our hunger, although by now we had already eaten quite a bit. 

Last but not least, dessert was served. Coconut custard and Pandan Coconut Custard served with sliced strawberries and kiwi. With a nice touch of coconut cream and mint leaves. This dessert is very sweet but smooth and delicious. I absolutely loved the Pandan one as I am a huge fan of this aromatic herb. What a sweet end to the evening.

Duthy Thai
19 Duthy Street
Malvern SA 5061
08 8272 0465

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  1. Great to see a good food experience on Spreets/Scoopon voucher! :)


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