Monday, August 13, 2012

Rice Chinese Cuisine @ Parkside

I haven't been out for Chinese for a while which is rather odd now that I think about it. Perhaps I often find it hard to think of a place that would hit the spot. Even good restaurants are hit and miss sometimes. Recently a friend recommended Rice Chinese Cuisine in Parkside. Situated just outside the CBD, Rice delivers on both taste and interior decoration contrary to most Chinese restaurants that have one or the other. While their decoration is not magazine display worthy, the dark red colour scheme and black glass top tables bring it up a notch.

It was a very cold winter night and we were absolutely starving, craving for some steaming hot full of flavour food. The menu is rather extensive with all the usual Chinese and Cantonese favourites along with some specialties such as Monk's hotpot, Basil Cheese  Chicken, 'Ants on Greens' (a mince pork, shrimp and mushroom mixture served over vegetables), Eggplant Hotpot and more. They also provide a variety of seafood dishes including eel, flounder, mud crab and lobster. 

Mr. Foodie almost always wants either a salt and pepper something or a hotpot. Tonight we ordered the Lamb Curry Hotpot. Though it doesn't sound very Chinese, it certainly is a different type of curry to that of Indians or Southeast Asia for that matter. The lamb was tender and flavoursome cooked in a beautiful creamy curry sauce with snow peas, snake beans and potato. The curry is not overly spicy so it caters to many. 

Lamb Curry
We also ordered Crispy Chicken with Ginger and Shallots, a personal favourite of mine when we eat out. As the dish name states, the skin was still deliciously crispy with tasty sauce poured over it. I even pick the shallots/spring onions and eat them all!

Crispy Chicken with Ginger and Shallots
When I saw Beef fried Kuey Teow on the menu I knew I had to order it. I haven't had this dish in a while. Thin and tender beef slices fried with flat rice noodles, spring onions, bean sprouts and sesame this dish is a fragrant delight to eat. The only thing is it tends to be a bit more oily, not so good for the waistline.  

Fried Beef Kuey Teow
Tonight we felt like finishing on a sweet which we don't often do in a Chinese restaurant as dessert really isn't their strong point. We spotted Shanghai Red Bean Pancake and wanted to have some. Once again not very good for the waistline, this delicious and crispy hot dessert is a thin pancake made from plain and glutinous flour filled with red bean paste and deep fried till crispy and golden brown. Delish!

Shanghai Red Bean Pancake (woh-peng)

I'm glad I took up my friend's recommendation and visited this place. This will be my go to Chinese restaurant  for a while. Plus it's a bonus not having to drive into the CBD and hunt for parking. 

Rice Chinese Cuisine
104 Glen Osmond Road
SA 5063
08 8373 7000

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