Thursday, August 30, 2012

Steven Ter Horst @ Unley Road

I had heard about this place and it's wondrous desserts but it did take me a little while to get there. Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier is situated on Unley Road and one sunny Sunday afternoon while we were out and about I decided to call in on the way home. It was about 3pm when we stepped into this well decorated place with a very organic cosy feel to be greeted by a tempting display of chocolates, cakes and tarts. On the left hand wall as you walk in there's a shelf set into the wall displaying amazing blends of tea available. We went at a quiet time so seats were plenty and we chose to lounge on the sofa in the window watching the world go by. There is however only about 12 to 14 seats.

As I walked up to the counter a vintage telephone on the wall caught my eye. What a lovely touch I thought. Mr. Foodie went straight for hot chocolate while I contemplated my tea blend selection. Eventually I chose their White ginger pear tea

If you look hard enough there's Steven right there!

White ginger pear tea

The tea came in a lovely bright teapot and a timer! I love little touches like that. The idea is that by the time all the sand has gone down, the tea would have been infused properly and ready to drink. It was a lovely blend of tea and I enjoyed smelling it as much as drinking it.

As you would expect, the hot chocolate was rich, creamy and absolutely divine. It still amazes me how Mr. Foodie manages to guzzle mugs of these things. I struggle going through a cup. If you're wondering about the wood bumps, it's not a tray. We are in fact eating on an old style treasure chest which makes it an ever more amazing experience. Making a cameo here is the first issue of Gram Magazine which I had the pleasure of being a part of. 

Mascarpone Dream $8.50 - Mascarpone mousse with caramel hazelnut  cream with hazelnut daquoise biscuit base. This was a beautiful dessert to eat, all smooth and velvety with nutty caramel goodness. Dacquoise is essentially hazelnut meringue and this was done well. Absolute delight.

Salted Caramel Choc Pot $5.90 - Layer of rich chocolate ganache over salted caramel. 

I had to try their famous salted caramel. The chocolate ganache was definitely rich but make sure you dip all the way to the bottom to get some salted caramel because eaten together, it was a lovely combination. 

Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier is definitely on my list of places to go back time and again. I've been told I need to try Lady Marmalade, Chocolate Truffle Tart and Blackberry Layered. I think essentially everything else was also amongst recommendations from friends.

Steven Ter Horst
221D Unley Road
SA 5061 
08 8373 1330

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  1. My favourite chocolatier in Adelaide! Looks like I need to pay another visit for that salted caramel choc pot!! Sounds delish!

  2. Definitely amazing! Can't wait to try more stuff from them.

  3. I love the hazelnut heaven! Don't listen to the rest of them :P

    1. I'm determined to work my way through that cabinet!


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