Monday, September 10, 2012

By Blackbird @ Hyde Park

By Blackbird has only recently opened in Adelaide situated in a trendy spot on King William Road in Hyde Park but it has already gained a brilliant reputation and return customers in this short space of time. This lovely place run by Jin and the pastry chef extraordinaire Chakey Kim is a perfect hang out with, in my humble opinion, brilliant decor. With interesting ornaments and decorative items, extremely comfortable sofas and wood. Yes, wood. I love wood as an element because to me it creates a very cosy and friendly welcoming feel.

Chakey Kim is one of the cutest ladies I've ever seen! I tried to grab a photo of her but failed. Chakey already had a world of experience under her belt before venturing into By Blackbird. I was told she used to bake for Fleischer Cakes in Victoria before establishing Au Matin Calme in Adelaide which became deliciously well known and now, this is her new venture and a mighty successful one it will become I should think.

I went with my good friend on this occasion and as soon as we walked up to the counter we were in awe of the choices we have to make. We were very hungry too you see, we had just been to try on dresses for occasions to come and well, dresses don't look good with a food baby so by the time we got the By Blackbird we were very eager. We were greeted by the very friendly and smiley Jin. We started by picking our beverage. When you order tea at this place you get to select a tea cup from the pretty range available on display. A variety of Mariage Freres blends are available along with Chrysanthemum tea which I love. 

Our chosen teacups
French Breakfast Tea $3.80 - An aromatic black tea lighter than English breakfast 
Marco Polo Tea $3.80 - A Chinese black tea with flowers and fruit with a nice caramel like aroma. 

Here comes our tea served with a nice big smile. After choosing our tea we then had the tough decision to make, what to eat first?! We decided to share a savoury and hit as many sweets as we could stomach. The results were impressive for two girls! 

We started off with a Fleischer Style Goulash Pie $6.00. The pastry was crispy, flaky and sinfully good and the filling certainly did not fall short of yum. Using quality Angus beef, the flavour was beautiful I could easily have another. Sausage rolls and delicious quiches were also available.

Then came our sweets. We came to a conclusion that it was too hard to just pick a couple of things so we were going to try it all and somehow walk it off later, but that's later. Now, we eat first. Chocolate croissant $3.70 was a delight. The croissant was flaky and buttery filled with every girl's delight - chocolate! We also had Raspberry Financier $2.50. This lovely tea cake was moist and a good companion for our fragrant tea. 

I was intrigued by the Cheese Puff so I decided to try it. It was a sweet one, in case you're expecting it to be savoury. I think this might be an acquired taste but it was something that I liked. It's very much like a cheesecake but less sweet encased in beautiful flaky puff pastry. 

Feeling rather shocked but impressed at ourselves, we proceeded to the dessert cabinet. The cold one I mean. There was an array of tarts and mousse available but we had to choose two. Our stomachs were throwing in the towel by now. 

Citrus Tart $4.80 - A lovely citrus curd with beautiful pastry as expected. For me it had a good balance of tang and sugar. I love when it has a good tarty taste.

Winter Goodness $6.00 - This was a lovely smooth orange and chocolate mousse with orange and apple marmalade on almond dacquoise encased in dark chocolate and nuts. My friend wasn't a huge fan of mousse but thought this was worth a try. It really isn't that "moussey" as there were many flavours and textures to explore in a complete bite. Absolute delight.

Our tummies were full, it was 3.30pm and we were feeling warm protected from what felt like icy gale force wind down King William Road. Sat on the comfortable sofa we were almost ready to doze off but alas, this experience has come to an end. Service is great here plus it is a comfortable and welcoming place to hang out. The food.....the food was definitely the star. I'm glad I visited and will be making many more visits in the future I should think.

Shop 4/100 King William Road
SA 5034
08 8357 1009

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  1. Not the biggest spot in town, but that's not the point here. What's to be really chuffed about is whether the grub is good or not.


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