Thursday, September 27, 2012

Caffe Amore @ Pulteney Street

Our venture into the city to pick up a few things and to hunt down a copy of Gram Magazine lead us to Caffe Amore. Nicely situated on the corner of Pulteney and Pirie Street overlooking Hindmarsh Square this large and comfortable cafe has caught my eye many times but today is the first time I've actually ordered more than a coffee. It was quiet Sunday afternoon as we made a red carpet entry towards the bar. No, seriously, there is a red carpet laid from the entrance.

There's that Gram Magazine!
Cappucino to wake you up on a Sunday

Mr. Foodie has never failed to let his eyes wander to the pizza menu when it comes to places like that and today it proved to be a good choice.  Pizza Margherita - fresh tomatoes, basil and bocconcini. You really couldn't go wrong. The base was thin enough for my liking, crispy and the the pizza tasted fresh.

I went for the Caesar Salad - Cos lettuce with grilled chicken fillet, bacon, anchovies, poached egg, parmesan and crostini. I was very pleased with my runny poached egg. The chicken fillets were juicy and the dressing was rather delicious. I really enjoyed the salad and some pizza slices just to be unhealthy.

Caffe Amore
162 Pulteney Street
SA 5000
08 8277 0099

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