Thursday, October 25, 2012

Burger Foundry @ St Morris

I have heard of this place previously and its famous deliciously large burgers so one night the temptation got the better of us. Burger Foundry is right on Magill Road in St Morris. Situated in the Eastern suburbs is this tiny place with possibly 4 or 6 seats for eating in so most people seem to opt for the takeaway option. The place was busy and cramped with people waiting and then I realized why. While they were popular and orders kept coming in, the waiting time was also incredibly long but more on that later. 

The four of us finally decided on what we wanted and happily ordered four burgers and two bags of chips. Then came the moment of truth - "It's a 45 minute wait for burgers". WHAT THE! Do they cook the patties one at a time? Is the cow still alive? How long does it take to put a burger together? Okay so our fury was exaggerated because we were starving and also had just traveled a long way to get here but we're here now and I want that burger. In the meantime we went to Chocolate Taperia while waiting for our burgers. 

Good Mojo $13 - Char-grilled hand crafted burger basted with spicy chipotle pepper BBQ sauce, fresh tomato salsa, mesclun greens and cheddar cheese

The Aussie $15 - Char grilled hand crafted burger, beetroot relish, fresh tomato, mesclun greens, crisp bacon and sunny side up egg

Alpine $13 - Char grilled hand crafted burger, mesclun greens, caramalized onions, sauteed mushroom and melted Swiss cheese

The burgers looked massive. It was a huge burger that we were still unsure of how to tackle. Our friend brought cutlery out for the girls because we had to be somewhat ladylike. I decided to cut it in half and give it a go. That kind of worked but really, after Chocolate Taperia we didn't need the chips. Mr. Foodie was a tad bit disappointed in his Good Mojo because it was basically a standard BLT burger with sauce, no fancy stuff but the same price. 

Clockwise from top left - Good Mojo, The Aussie, Alpine, Good Mojo opened up

Texan Madness $14 -  Char grilled hand crafted burger, smokey BBQ sauce, mesclun greens, crisp bacon, tomato salsa, grilled jalapeno pepper and cheddar cheese. 

I wanted a spicy burger with lots of flavours and like fate, Texan Madness popped out from the menu calling out to me. The burger patty was of quality and the burger was very juicy. The tomato salsa and BBQ sauce made it flavoursome. Top it off with cheese and bacon, who doesn't love cheese and bacon. 

My Texan Madness

There has been a lot of mixed reviews about this place. I can see how it can be hit and miss but my burger was delicious. The only thing I wasn't happy about was the 45 minute wait. Maybe if I'm on that side of town I'll pop in again but not sure if I would travel for it. We have Fancy Burger up our way and though not as big, absolutely delicious and definitely not 45 minutes. 

Burger Foundry
389 Magill Road
St Morris SA 5068
08 8431 3231

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  1. These burgers look enticing. Looks sumptuous and exquisitely done. I will try that and the chain reminds me of the burger joints here in Australia. Patties from meat suppliers melbourne are fresh and juicy.


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