Monday, November 5, 2012

Dessert Story in Melbourne

On one of my flash trips to Melbourne this year my friends introduced me to Dessert Story. I then later on found out they were opening in Adelaide soon so I got excited. Dessert Story serves predominantly Hong Kong and Taiwanese style desserts. The menu is very extensive and also potentially confusing for those who don't know the ingredients well. Some of the choices on the menu are similar but not the same. They offer a variety of smoothies, ice cream desserts, puddings, sago desserts, hot or cold soup desserts, shaved ice desserts and the list goes on. This place seriously specializes in this stuff! 

We all ordered a variety of desserts to share and try. At the top of the picture is a Snow Ice dessert with ice cream, red beans and grass jelly. We also ordered Ground Peanut Soup and Black Sesame Soup. The word soup makes it sound weird but really it is just a very thick soup of ground peanut or black sesame with sugar. It is a very fragrant and aromatic dessert often eaten hot. The funky mix in the black bowl on top left is a mixture of 3 puddings, mango, chocolate and vanilla with taro balls. What are Taro Balls? More weird stuff. Taro balls are made with mashed taro, water and potato flour to give it that springy texture. It has a greyish purple appearance and taste like taro/yam.

I went for a Grass Jelly Dessert - served cold with tapioca pearls, lotus seed, mung bean and read bean. It was actually incredibly delicious and hit the spot for me. I love lotus seed and grass jelly. It was a very refreshing dessert to have. 

Mr. Foodie took a more familiar option to him and ordered Mango Sago Soup with Green Tea Ice Cream. It was fragrant with the coconut milk and the green tea ice cream added flavour to it. We love anything mango so that was a winner. It's quite a big serve though.

Overall I was impressed and pleased. Some choices did taste a little watered down and I'm not sure if they do that because they feel the need to keep the portions or serving sizes big. It really isn't necessary because most of us didn't finish out dessert given that we've already had dinner. I can't wait for it to open in Adelaide.

Dessert Story
195 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD
03 9650 7776

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  1. A dessert-only restaurant - good thing they don't have that around here. I might not leave.

  2. I really want to know if there is an artificial sweetener used when making that dessert. BTW that looks very tempting.

  3. I haven't tried eating desserts coming from that country. Maybe I will ask my friends if they can come with me to that restaurant.


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