Thursday, November 15, 2012

Saracen's Head @ Carrington Street

Situated just behind the Arts Theatre, Saracens Head was the obvious choice to dine before a show especially when you can fax through your preorder ensuring you get your meal right on time so you don't miss the show. We have been there twice now and both times have been impressed with the food and service. It may sound like they are serving up the usual pub grub but pricier but let me assure you, it is a higher end pub grub with good ingredients and large serves. You certainly get what you pay for. 

Apart from the schnitzel, burger and club sandwich on the menu, their selection of wood oven pizzas are amazing coupled with fancy stuff like Beef Sliders, Grilled Sweet Corn with Haloumi, Smoked Salmon and Wonton Skin Stack, Korean Beef and more. 

Flip top burger $22.50 - Saracens home-made burger patty with bacon, egg, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and swiss cheese on a lepinja roll.

The burger patty was different. It had a nice beef flavour to it, wasn't fatty and tasted delicious. Coupled with everything else on the tower that made it impossible to eat like you would a traditional burger, I had to dissect it and pile mini bites on my fork instead. The bacon was beautiful - I love bacon. The pineapple, lettuce, tomato and beetroot made it extra juicy and sweet giving great flavour to this whole combination. We also ordered a bowl of gravy as dipping sauce for the chips and my oh my their gravy is gooooood!

Club Sandwich $22.50 - Grilled chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a triple decker sandwich with fries 

This is a pretty decent club sandwich which had Mr. Foodie drooling and then very silent for a whole 15 minutes as he happily attacks his sandwich and dips his fries in gravy. 

Special of the day Chicken Cacciatore Pie $23 - Chicken Cacciatore served as a pot pie with puff pastry lid with fries and salad. 

The pie was humongous. Literally humongous. It looked like a pie for two. Lifting the lid, the filling wasn't all the way up to the top of the bowl but still a very decent amount. The chicken cacciatore was delicious with the nice salt and tang from olives. 

Saracen's Head Hotel is worth a visit even if you are not going to see a show at the Arts Theatre! Other options on the menu include steak, pork steaks, salmon, fish and chips, schnitzel and pasta so there's something for everyone.

Saracen's Head Hotel
82 Carrington St
Adelaide CBD 5000
08 8223 4449
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