Monday, February 17, 2014

A Wimbledon Themed 50th Party

If you've been following my blog you would know that we love themed parties! I'm not as big a fan of dress up but definitely love party decorations. This February my mother in law turned 50 and being English and summer in Australia, she decided to host a Wimbledon themed party. Out came the tennis balls, racquets, bird cages, ivy and all things Wimbledon. She admitted the trickiest part was the menu because it was an evening party and you can't exactly just serve cucumber sandwiches and strawberries! Nevertheless all their efforts paid off and it looked great on the night. 

Guests were to attend in tennis gear of any era or dressed in white. We managed to pull together some gym gear and turned up as tennis players.

Looking the part but seriously don't ask me to go on the court

We dropped in earlier in the afternoon to help out with a few things but when we arrived at 6pm, the final finished set up looked fantastic. Outside by the pool there were beach balls for the summer feel and a "50th" balloon right in the middle. 

You can't have a Wimbledon party without Pimms so this lovely self service drink bar set up outside with those jars and red and white straws I like so much was a hit. Pimms Cup with Strawberries and Mint is certainly refreshing. 

Our friend helping himself to some soda!

Write your name and keep your jar
It was a very British theme which was convenient since they had a load of British inspired design items in the house. 

These cute cardboard stands from IKEA were my favourite feature of the night with the first serve being a DIY Eton Mess and the second serve scones. I spent the afternoon topping all the strawberries (and popping a few in my mouth) and yet this still makes my mouth water. Grab your red and white striped ice cream cups and fill it to your heart's content with strawberries, cream, jam, castor sugar and meringues for a delicious sugar hit.

Home made plain and raisin scones

The buffet spread was lovely with sandwiches arranged nicely on red and yellow cupcake stands to keep with the theme along with a few British food favourites. Guests were happily filling their stomachs with Pork Pies and Pickles, Cheese and Pickle Sandwiches, Coronation Chicken Sandwiches, Egg Mayo Sandwiches, Cheese Platter, Beef and Horseradish Crostini and IKEA Smoked Salmon. Of course all that wouldn't be complete without some crisps!


More Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon and Shrimp from IKEA

Tennis Ball Macarons

Her best friend set up a quiz counter for a bit of fun with loads of prizes. The quiz had some pretty obscure questions but a couple of good guesses put me in front. I swear the other party guests think it's rigged but when they announced that the lady and male champions were husband and wife we had to laugh. Mr. Foodie scored a perfect 10. For the record we did not confer, just in case you were wondering!

Game Set and Match

It was a pretty good party, lovely decorations and a lot of effort put in. There was more lighting and ivy throughout the house that I didn't get a chance to capture but most important of all, everyone had fun!

Me and the birthday girl

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