Thursday, February 20, 2014

New York Dreams @ Semaphore

There's a huge American food craze in Adelaide at the moment which is certainly to our delight but one fine evening we discovered something that has been around since 2011. Down by the bay at Semaphore was a place called New York Dreams. Owned by Mr. Raheim "The Dream" Brown, a professional basketball player who was born in New York, this place introduced their American taste and style to Australia through hot dogs and wings. 

The shop is decked out with American merchandise, icons and posters. You can sit on the bar stools at the counter or outside at the cafe tables

They have a huge range of American Hotdogs, juicy chicken wings with dipping sauces, chilli fries, nachos, cornbread, cheesy corn and cupcakes. Of course there's American soda like Dr. Pepper and A&W along with Reese's peanut butter cups and Hershey's Kisses for sweet treats. This was actually Mr. Foodie's birthday dinner (lucky me cos it didnt cost a bomb). We decided to some of everything so we got some hotdogs, wings and nachos. 

Brooklyn's Finest - Smoked frank served with bacon, cream cheese and avocado. The hot dogs came with the nice creamy yellow cheese sauce that goes so well on everything. It was a tasty, saucy, messy goodness.

Dream Dog - Cheese kransky served with bacon, cheese, onions and ketchup. I love cheese kransky so this was a favourite besides anything with bacon and cheese is delicious. They definitely don't skimp on the ingredients.

Beef Chilli Nachos - tortilla chips topped with beef chilli, cheese, tomato, American cheese sauce and sour cream. This was pretty yummy, I would've liked my cheese melted more but it was good anyway. Some places give you a low topping to chips ratio but I did not experience that here. Definitely enough beef and sauce for all my tortilla chips *crunch crunch crunch*. 

Being obsessed with buffalo wings we had to get some right? Pick your number of wings and choose a sauce, there's buffalo sauce, smokey sauce, BBQ or honey and soy. We of course went for buffalo with blue cheese dipping sauce. Oh that's right, you can buy dipping sauces too, there's ranch, chipotle, American cheese and blue cheese. On Tuesday evenings they have all you can eat wings.

Semaphore is a fair way for me to travel but tonight's trip was worth it, we got there earlier to walk at the park along the beach before heading back up to New York Dreams for a satisfying feed. For now, I'm still working through Benny's American Takeaway's Menu and they keep adding new stuff! 

New York Dreams
44 Semaphore Road
Semaphore SA 5019
08 8242 6075

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  1. Their chilli cheese fries are best in Adelaide, i think. And to be honest, they way surpass Benny's Takeaway in quality, taste and flavour! If only NY Dreams was nearer to me!!

    1. Semaphore is far for me too :-( I'm near Blackwood though lol

  2. A&W rootbeer! Haven't had that in ages! Gonna have to visit the American Candy Store :) There's been a bit of an "American Food" craze in Britain lately as well...I think it quietly snuck in with the cupcake craze.

    1. I actually like A&W Root Beer or even Dr. Pepper though a lot of people think it tastes like medicine! Yes there's a big cupcake craze....and cake pops

  3. I was really disappointed in Benny's but New York Dreams continues to be the leader, their Chilli Cheese Fries, Dogs & Wings are just amazing, its well worth the trip

  4. New York Dreams is my fav place for American food in Adelaide! You can't beat their authenticity, and qualify of Food��.


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