Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ignite Unley Craft Beer & Cider

Before Mad March started there were already plenty of events running throughout summer and the Ignite Unley series continued to bring life to the community with their Craft Beer & Cider event. Held at the Soldier's Memorial Gardens on Unley Road next to the shopping centre, this event brought together some SA brewed beers and ciders along with food, marketstalls, games and live music. 

Gulf Brewery
The event started at 4pm and we got there about 6pm. It was a really relaxed atmosphere, great for chilling out with friends and family. Of course the alcohol area was cordoned off with tables and chairs for you to hang out there instead. There were toys and tunnels set up for children as well as badminton and cricket equipment for anyone to have a go. I don't drink alcohol but Mr. Foodie had himself a nice brew from Gulf Brewery - the Dunkel Sturm  which was a lager with rich malt sweetness, caramel, toast and nuttiness. He definitely enjoyed it. Prancing Pony, Birbeck's and Barossa Valley Brewing were also there. 

Lovely Cheese from Alexandrina Cheese Company
Alexandrina Cheese Company from Fleurieu Peninsula was there to showcase their lovely cheeses. We sampled a couple and loved it. The Gouda and Edam were my favourite but then again I do love those cheeses and Swiss cheese! 

Mexican Food anyone?

Gan Taiwaneese Fried Chicken
Everytime we go back to Malaysia Mr. Foodie craves for some Taiwanese Fried Chicken so this food truck was right up his alley. Delicious golden brown well seasoned Taiwanese Fried Chicken Nuggets! Juicy inside, crispy outside. Gan Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets also sell fried sweet potato chips.

Gan Taiwanese Fried Chicken

Mr Macaron's Cafe

After the chicken we shared a Deluxe Waffle Dessert from Mr Macaron's Cafe. Belgian Waffle with strawberries, banana and ice cream always goes down a treat on a lovely summer's evening. 
Waffle and Ice Cream with Strawberries and Banana

There were also a few market stalls selling fashion items and home made stuff which was worth a gander. 

It's great to see community events like that outside the city. Hopefully more and more councils will start to organize events like this for their community!

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  1. What a wonderful venue that the City of Unley held! I use to live just off the street behind the park.


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